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            Database Administrator


            Description of duties:

            Responsible for designing data warehouse, database management, data maintenance. Specific job duties include:

            1. Design and implement Data Warehouse in our upcoming platform/system and deploying them without interrupting existing business.

            2. Perform investigation, rapid prototyping, and evaluation of new technologies, new SQL Server version/features that can be used in our services.

            3. Work closely with Service layer developers and Front-end developers to do complex query tuning and schema refinement.

            4. Manage SQL Server databases through multiple product lifecycle environments, from development to mission-critical production systems including backup and restore for existing data, Disaster Recovery when needed.

            5. Configure and maintain database servers and processes, including monitoring of system health and performance, to ensure high levels of performance, availability, and security.

            6. Apply data modeling techniques to ensure development and implementation support efforts meet integration and performance expectations.

            7. Independently analyze, solve, and correct issues in real time, providing problem resolution end-to-end.

            8. Refine and automate regular processes, track issues, and document changes.

            9. Understand mitigation and monitoring capabilities (Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Log Analysis, anti-malware, SIEM etc.) and how they help prevent and detect attacks.

            10. Research, identify, prioritize, and analyze preventive and detective use cases that will help identify threat trends and anomalies impacting the company.

            11. Review security events and alerts, vulnerability and configuration data, and other information from the production environment, combined with intelligence, to identify potential & active threats to systems and data.

            12. Analyze modern Finance, security related subjects and trends, for example, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), rootkits, Spear Phishing, PtH, Projected budget and Actual Revenue and other credential compromise techniques.

            13. Help generate intelligence products using a variety of data visualization techniques.


            Bachelor’s (or foreign degree equiv.) degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related plus 1 year experience or related.

            Job Site:

            11808 Northup Way, Suite W290, Bellevue, WA 98005

            Please mail resume to:

            CSI Interfusion Inc.

            11808 Northup Way, Suite W290

            Bellevue, WA 98005