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            By selecting JointForce, Minlong Technology successfully transformed from an equipment manufacturer into a full chain service provider

            Client background

            Minlong Technology is an excellent manufacturer for carving machine equipment, and the little smart craftsman under it – Customization in the Finger is a miniature personalized customization system. Consumers can make customized products through mobile APP. After receiving an order, the machine will only take a few minutes to automatically process and complete the personalized jewelry, gifts, handicrafts, etc. customized by customers.

            Practice on JointForce

            Minlong Technology hopes to use its own equipment advantages to establish O2O customized mall, but it lacks clear transformation ideas and independent R&D ability, so it comes to JointForce.。

            With the guidance of the JointForce client service personnel, Minlong Technology became a member of JointForce quickly and conveniently, and then released the demand of customized smart craftsman APP on JointForce. In the process of demand release, the background provided diversified and optional templates, which simplified the description difficulty of personnel releasing demands and improved the accuracy and comprehensiveness of demands.

            After the successful release of the demands, JointForce quickly completed the matching with Minlong Technology, and directed to recommend service providers with C2B solution capabilities accurately, and after selection and communication, JointForce fixed the eye on suppliers in a short period of time, and finally chose the member enterprise in JointForce.

            In the whole development process, phased achievements can be tracked and monitored at any time, and business processing links are more transparent and simplified, which greatly improves the development efficiency of the project, and shortens the delivery cycle of the whole project significantly, from the original planned 8 months to 3 months.By considering the development cycle, the initial investment of the project has been greatly reduced, which provides more space for the operation of the project.

            Currently, Minlong Technology has achieved the internet transformation through the internet customization system of smart craftsman, and completed the enterprise objective of building O2O customized mall.