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      1. Chongqing Yubei District Cloud Software Park Project

        Client introduction

        Located at the north gate of main urban area of Chongqing, Chongqing Yubei District is the main battlefield for the development of Liangjiang New Area. It is one of the first national airport economic demonstration regions, the city’s largest automobile manufacturing base, and an important intelligent terminal production base and import & export base. Xiantao Data Valley, located at Yubei District of Chongqing, is mainly engaged in frontier industries such as big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, and is committed to building an ecological valley of China’s big data industry with international influence.


        Project background

        In order to carry out a series of decisions and arrangements made by Central Government on the promotion of big data development, and explore the commercial, civil and political values of big data thoroughly, Yubei District will take Xiantao International Big Data Valley as the core in the next few years to improve the construction of intelligent big data hardware and software infrastructure in the whole district, aiming to help Yubei District realize the big data intelligence, provide better services for social and economic development, improve the people’s livelihood security, and achieve the leapfrog development of digital construction in Yubei District. The picture shows the overall planning effect of Xiantao International Big Data Valley.


        Business challenges

        • The industries in the region tend to be traditional and have a strong demand for transformation and upgrading to big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, etc.;

        • the innovation capability in IT industry and regional economy is insufficient;

        • regional software enterprises are not capable enough, and the software industry ecology is lack of strong hematopoietic ability.


        Solutions of Chinasoft International

        based on JointForce software cloud ecological platform, Chinasoft International cloud software park, as the complement and extension of the entity park, combined with the park operation deeply and helped the enterprises in the park become bigger and stronger by taking software enterprises as the core driving element and making full use of the internet methods and means, so as to promote the development of the software and information service as well as innovation and entrepreneurship clusters, and then accelerated the ecological development of relevant industries.Cloud software park: the cloud + crowdsourcing method was adopted to push online business opportunities to enterprises in the park through JointForce, so as to form the blood transfusion mechanism, and meanwhile, to help enterprises with the propaganda promotion, so as to form the hematopoietic mechanism.The enterprises in the regional and urban software parks are enabled, empowered, and released to help them enhance efficiency and generate revenue.

        Chongqing Cloud Software Park gives full play to the advantages of Chinasoft International to create a software crowdsourcing and cloud innovation acceleration base radiating to the whole park; it also provides online and offline IT service platform for government enterprises, promotes local enterprises to join the cloud platform to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, so as to create a new ecology for enterprises based on demand; firstly, the software ecology is established in Yubei District, which is then radiated to the whole Chongqing, to support the leapfrog development of Yubei software information service industry, aiming to establish a nationally famous accelerated demonstration base of internet + innovation, and construct Chongqing into a famous software city in China.


        Project highlights

        Cloud Software Park has been opened since August 21, 2018. As of the end of 2018, it has attracted totally 300 enterprises to enter the cloud platform and introduced nearly 20 enterprises to Xiantao Data Valley. The platform has issued over 25 million contracts in total, held 8 market activities and 5 training empowerment activities, with participants over 1,000.

        Meanwhile, the internet + software transaction service platform was built by both parties for the cooperative construction of Yubei government information to create a supplier credit system, which can realize the full life cycle management of government information project and improve the use efficiency of government financial funds.

         The ecological model of JointForce platform “internet + software service” will promote the integration and innovation among various industries, accelerate the transformation of industrial structure in Yubei. As one of the key enterprises of Data Valley to attract talents and investments, Chinasoft International improves the efficiency of industrial clusters and talent accumulation in the Internet of Vehicles, big data and intelligent manufacturing through JointForce platform, so as to form a new engine of development with multiple improvements.

        – Wang Xiaoping, Chairman of Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley Investment Management Company