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            MoBiusHacker selects JointForce to achieve continuous business growth

            Client introduction

            MoBiusHacker is an intelligent hardware development company dedicated to providing clients with intelligent hardware products.The company mainly deals with three modules: software, hardware, data, and builds a product-technology-operation integrated service team.MoBiusHacker attaches great importance to the client satisfaction, so it pays special attention to its own project quality and delivery efficiency. In order to obtain more and better project opportunities, MoBiusHacker establishes the cooperation with JointForce.


            Practice on JointForce

            • after quickly learning more about JointForce by docking with the client service staff of JointForce, MoBiusHacker chose to enter Innovation Center of JointForce Cloud Software Park, and master and use Huawei software development cloud rapidly. In a short period of time, MoBiusHacker completed several projects on JointForce successfully by virtue of professional service and efficient delivery with high quality. JointForce received favorable reviews.

            • As with the establishment of a good reputation, MoBiusHacker enjoyed rapid development of business. More and more client orders are sent out voluntarily, and the clients receiving the services also extend from Dalian to Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, etc.

            • The substantial reduction of development cost has greatly increased the project income, which helps the enterprise achieve benign development and sustainable business growth.


            MoBiusHacker said

            JointForce and Huawei software development cloud helped us to shorten the product R&D cycle, improved the R&D efficiency and reduced the R&D cost, which meant that we would provide our intelligent products with better quality and more competitive price to our clients.