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            Huawei Cloud operation and maintenance services for automobile trading company

            Client introduction

            founded in 1961, the client is affiliated to Shaanxi Provincial Department of Transportation. It is one of the top 100 automobile dealers in China and the only large state-owned automobile sales and service enterprise in Shaanxi Province.The company subordinates a number of automobile 4S stores, 2S stores and exhibition halls, with sales network covering major cities in Shaanxi province and surrounding provinces, which has established automobile 4S stores in Xi’an, Xianyang, Yan’an, etc.

            Client’s pain point

            • in order to meet the rapid changes of business in the information age, the client has already realized the cloud business system service.It also appears a lot of problems in daily work that need to be solved urgently:

            • lack of cloud operation and maintenance experience, delayed discovery of problems, unable to be prevented in advance;

            • There is no professional operation and maintenance team. In case of any problem, technicians need to be temporarily employed for maintenance. Therefore, the business system failure cannot be responded and handled timely, which greatly reduces efficiency.

            • The performance of the database is worrisome due to lack of maintenance expert.

            Solutions of Chinasoft International

            the client obtained the database management service after purchasing the Huawei cloud selection service, including: implementation deployment, system optimization, system and database inspection service, inspection report, data upgrade, database patch, 7*10 technical support.

            Project highlights

            • Professional cloud operation and maintenance are obtained, the system and database operation and maintenance are guaranteed, which supports the stable operation of the business system, and ensures zero accident in the operation of cloud system.

            • After liberating the cloud operation and maintenance capabilities, the client is able to focus on its own businesses and better supports the performance growth.