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            Telecommunication cloud computing


            No matter it’s public cloud or private cloud, operators are facing the impact and challenges posed by Internet enterprises. The three major operators of China are still expanding their distribution. In the field of cloud computing, Chinasoft International can provide end-to-end solutions and service from consulting, construction, migration, operation and maintenance to management. With years of experience and ability in serving Microsoft AZURE and Alibaba cloud, Chinasoft International joinedhandswith Huawei tosupport operators in cloud services. At the same time, we pay special attention to China's actual conditions and will increase investment in cloud security.

            Chinasoft International cloud computing service includes enterprise cloud drive, cloud construction, cloud relocation, cloud operation and maintenance, cloud management platform, cloud security, etc.


            Service scope

            Enterprise cloud drive

            JFun Box is a cloud data storage application provided by Chinasoft International for enterprise applications. It is mainly to provide customers with a convenient and safe platform for file storage, management and sharing, facilitatingmobile working and collaboration.

            Cloud construction

            • System operation and maintenance and trusteeship

            • Virtual private cloud VPC

            • Resident cloud and hybrid cloud construction

            Cloud migration

            • Data migration

            • System environment configuration and deployment

            • Database migration

            • Network settings and migration

            • File data migration

            • Application migration

            • Migration of OA, CRM, etc

            • Enterprise characteristic application system migration


            Cloud operation and maintenance

            It tracks, analyzes and optimizes the performance of telecommunication cloud computing resources and IT system. Combined with cloud operation and maintenance tools, it can realize real-time monitoring and failure handling on mobile, application, host, browser, etc. to ensure stable and safe business operation of customer's IT system.