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            Telecommunication big data


            The value of operators' big data is gradually recognized, and more than half of global operators are setting about big data business. With the continuous development and evolution of big data technology, different industries take advantage of big data to deal with various problems in development.

            Based on database management, Chinasoft International big data provides customer-oriented data analysis, data mining, data application and data management and control integration services. The company has rich experience in finance, government, transportation and other industries. Especially in finance, it has more than ten years of practical experience. Chinasoft International provides guidance and support on data mining and application to operators in various vertical industries, and at the same time, it cooperates with big data platform of Huawei to provide operators with various big data application services.

            Service scope


            It provides end-to-end big data technology and big data innovation services such as consulting, implementation, development in aspects of data platform, data management, data analysis, etc.

            Precision marketing

            Based on the unique broadband network resources, mobile communication system and enormous consumption groups of operators, and on account of user portraits and behavior analysis, it explores and targets customer needs to realize the precise advertising and to provide personalized services.

            Regional Survey

            With the operators' real-time precise positioning and behavior analysis of users, it provides data information services including the trend of traffic flow, local hot spots, business location, etc. for transportation, public security, tourism, government, etc.


            Service advantages

            • The advantage of cross-platform data integration

            • Service capabilities of end-to-end data consulting, management, analysis and application