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            Telecom Internet


            The rapid development of the Internet has brought great challenges to operators, along with opportunities for business transformation. Chinasoft international has been committed to the development of mobile internet, focusing on social application services, mobile internet applications and internet financial services since 2010, and providing solutions to customers in an innovative way of "platform services + customized development". We provide business consulting, product design, development, testing and operation promotion services for telecom operators, internet enterprises and mobile Internet enterprises.

            We have grown together with China Telecom's BestPay since 2009, and now we have become one of its largest solution and service providers. At the same time, we have also been providing various comprehensive services for China Mobile's Fetion app, 139 mail and unified payment.

            Internet solutions of Chinasoft International include mobile communication, Push mail, rewards points mall, mobile payment and electronic channel, etc.


            Mobile communication apps

            Chinasoft International provides China Mobile with services of mobile phone Fetion app, PAD Fetion app, Fetion Launcher and Fetion ROM, including a series of supports such as product design, technology research and development, testing and adaptation, operation promotion, etc.

            China Mobile Mail

            139 Mail is a new generation of telecom level mail service provided by China Mobile. It has the basic mail function of the Internet, and takes full advantages of mobile phones, so that users can easily and directly send, receive and manage mails at anytime and anywhere through mobile clients, SMS, MMS, WEB or WAP , which allows for mobile working whenever and wherever you are.

            Mobile payment

            With operators’ advantages in mobile terminal, China International can provide all kinds of short-range or remote payment services for the end users. We have been serving China Telecom BestPay since 2011, helping it become the third largest mobile payment service provider in China.

            China Mobile Unified Payment

            Unified payment platform is a multi-channel payment business platform provided by China Mobile to reduce channel operation and remuneration costs, which realizes unified rules, access and rate of cooperative payment business.

            Reward points mall

            Reward points mall system is an online service system that converts customers' consumption amount in China Mobile into points and exchanges them for goods to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. It can realize online exchange, SMS notification, commodity search, member order management, commodity management, order processing (order review, delivery, receipt), point management, member point setting, member exchanging points to commodity, etc.