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            Offline Billing System

            Offline Billing System



            Billing system can be defined in a broad sense and a narrow sense. The broad -sense concept of billing is the whole process which starts from the user initiating the communication and ends when the user completes the whole payment. This includes the user communication records completed in the communication network, the collection of communication records completed by the collection system, and the preprocessing, rating, billing and cancellation completed by the backstage billing accounting system. The narrow-sense concept of billing includes all the processes and contents except the user communication records completed in the communication network. In order to unify and simplify the model, and conform to the international convention, the original billing accounting systems are collectively referred to as the billing system.

            Billing accounting system is one of the most critical core systems of telecommunication operation support system. Billing system of Chinasoft International follows the specifications formulated by China Telecom and has been updated from version 1.0 to version 2.8. System customers are at the center in our endeavor to provide flexible, safe, reliable and sophisticated service.


            Key features

            Comply with 2.8 specifications

            Comply with the Data Model 2.8 specifications of specifications

            Comply with the specifications of specifications in terms of productization, standardization and networking capabilities

            Service expansion capability

            Free switching of prepaid and postpaid identities

            The system provides good support for content billing, backward billing and other netflow innovation services

            Reconstruct query and reminder capabilities with the internet architecture, improve customer experience, processing efficiency and concurrent capacity

            System capability

            Centralized management of data, real-time sharing capability (unified access of data, real-time sharing of HB, ABM and OCS)

            Whole network operation capability and seamless access to the Billing Operation Network (BON)

            Through the system parallel processing, seamless fault takeover, disaster recovery and other aspects of the architecture optimization, to achieve high stability and high reliability of the system.

            Improve system resource conflict, concurrency control and exception handling capability by Petri network technology

            Service values

            Market oriented

            Effectively support all kinds of traditional services and netflow services to go online in time to ensure a favorable position in the competitive market


            Provide customers with all-round, timely and friendly service capabilities and routings to ensure a good customer experience


            Provide sound and interfaced system configuration and monitoring methods, fully guarantee the easy-usability of the system, and provide powerful guarantee for the stability of the system through automatic inspection tools


            The system runs stably at high speed for 24h every day, timely outputs all kinds of analysis data, and provides judgment basis for service operation and system operation and maintenance