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            Integrated billing system


            The integrated billing system of Chinasoft International is based on distributed technology platform of Huawei and developed under the model and specification requirements of China Telecom, which is fully integrated, cloud based, opening to the outside and intelligent.

            • It has the ability of large-scale real-time billing processing and integrating billing and accounting, supporting the comprehensive integration and on-demand switching of prepaid and postpaid, online and offline billing, which can help operators expand their business model.

            • Both the data and application layer adopt the distributed architecture, support the cloud deployment, have good expansion ability, and can calmly cope with the dramatic changes in business volume.

            • The business capabilities are loosely coupled and standardized, which meets the openness requirements of Internet. It can flexibly open internal capabilities and introduce external capacities to build an ecological environment with operators as the main body.

            • It has the ability of intelligent and automated operation and maintenance driven by big data analysis, which greatly improves efficiency and performance.

            Key features

            Comprehensive integration

            • It supports GSM / WCDMA, CDMA / CDMA2000, LTE, PSTN / NGN, WiMax, WiFi, xDSL and other network types

            • It supports voice, message, data, content and other types of business, and supports diversified billing demands of business platforms such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing

            • It supports the business mode of prepayment, post payment and blending payment, online charging and offline charging access. The unified system can greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, thus reducing the operation cost

            Cloud Architecture

            • The distributed architecture is adopted, the application layer is expanded linearly and elastically, the data layer is divided into databases and tables, and the system is expanded on demand, which gives the whole system a good expansion ability

            • It supports cluster deployment, load balancing, separation of application and data, automatic taking over of business failure, and has high reliability of telecommunication level

            • It supports docking with cloud management platform to realize automatic deployment and operation and maintenance management from infrastructure, software platform to application system


            • Supporting multi-dimensional customization of model, code, rules and parameters. Business configurability is integrated into the system. Most business requirements can be customized on site

            • Built-in typical business templates that cover a comprehensive range of services. In addition, CSL, a JavaScript optimized for the field of telecommunication services, further enhances the configurability of the system


            • It follows the billing and data model specifications of China Telecom and can be seamlessly connected to the provincial BSS system environment of China Telecom

            • Forward compatible with the business of HB and OCS system of the current network to make sure the smooth upgrade of business and customer non-perception; at the same time, it also supports the gradual evolution of each office station to integrated billing on demands


            Service value

            Flexible and fast service available

            • The flexible configuration of service rules and the ability to arrange service processes on demand ensure that the service can be available quickly and stay ahead in the fierce competition

            • It has the interface and templated rate configuration capability, which allows the service to be launched quickly in the target market

            Increase revenue

            • It has the ability of efficient and real-time billing, real-time accounting and real-time reminding to improve customer experience, enhance customer retention and prevent customer loss

            • The enhanced ability of netflow and content billing supports various netflow business scenarios and promotes the growth of netflow revenue

            • End-to-end revenue guarantee and audit mechanism and fraud prevention and risk control based on big data can ensure every penny returned.

            Reduce the cost

            • Standard interface and open architecture make it easier to integrate with third-party system, thus reducing construction costs

            • Full x86 environment deployment and support for resource pool can greatly reduce the costs of hardware and maintenance