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            Credit investigation and approval


            In recent years, there are diversified, live and large-scale developments for the credit industry. As the first line of defense for pre-loan risk control, credit investigations and approvals are highly valued by banks and financial institutions, which are put on a very important position. Due to the fraud application and credit risk come into being in various ways, which seriously threaten the asset security of banks and financial institutions. Along with the investigation and approval pressure brought by the huge business application volume, higher requirements are put forward for the fraud risk identification ability of credit investigation and approval and the ability of automatic investigation and approval.

            In order to adapt to the market changes and meet the market demands, Chinasoft International has designed and implemented a streamlined credit investigation and approval platform based on advanced workflow products, decision-making engine products and electronic image technology, so as to realize the factory and paperless operation of the approval work, improve the quality and efficiency of the operation and management of the organization, and the risk management system; and to enhance the overall competitiveness and reduce the risk management cost, improve decision-making level and efficiency, strengthen management risk prevention to pursue the goal of maximizing benefits.

            Solution features

            1. Data whole-process processing

            Supporting multi-channel, multi-dimensional and different format file types of credit applications to provide effective support for diversified business development;

            Through the traditional credit items such as People's Bank of China, social insurance, education records, public security to Zhima rating, Tencent rating, Juxinli blacklist, etc;

            Connecting third-party credit items, as well as internal credit items of the system such as bank internal management system, customer management system, etc. Completing customer portrait, and providing a solid data base for fraud identification and credit risk determination;

            Through the data automatic verification, comparison, processing and logic display accumulated by a large number of cases, greatly reduce the manual access workload and improve the automation level.

            2. Policy driven approval process

            The flow of business nodes is under the overall control of rules and policies to make the policy driven flow come true; all business nodes can flexibly adjust the flow direction, and can also flexibly disassemble and assemble; greatly improve the adjustment agility of process and reduce the maintenance difficulty of business for personnel, at the same time, the functions between nodes adopt the design principle of loosely coupled to fully realize the flexibility and expansibility of process change.

            Service advantages

            Rich practical experience: acquiring rich experience in the Bank of Communications, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and other 13 small and medium-sized bank credit investigation and approval cases;

            Advanced solutions: the solutions greatly improve the efficiency and flexibility of approval and system, while greatly reduce the system risk with complete data strategy support;

            Stable professional team: stable multi-level teams includes demand team, development team, product team, expert team, etc., making guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project;

            Sophisticated after-sales service mechanism: all teams of the company complete the problem positioning, troubleshooting and consultation through on-site support, telephone communication and other ways.