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            Collection solution


            With the upsurge of credit card, consumer credit and cash loan, credit fraud, default and bad debt have brought considerable losses to banks and financial institutions. The development and improvement of collection business have become the last defense to recover economic losses and control risks after loan. Chinasoft International provides a comprehensive collection solution, which is widely used in the collection management of overdue accounts of retail loan, personal loan, credit card, and petty consumer loan and auto loan business, to achieve integrated collection.

            The customer collection management system(TOPCCMS)of Chinasoft International includes the complete life-cycle control of overdue accounts, including account collection, collection policy, case allocation, automatic collection, call platform, telephone collection, door-to-door collection, outsourcing collection, judicial collection, public security collection, branch collection, debt leasing, asset restructuring, counterfeit management, verification management, information repair and other multiple collection methods; through collection policy design and establishment, different overdue customer groups are distinguished to adopt appropriate collection methods and perform differentiated collection operations at different collection times to achieve the optimal collection effect; and improve the collection efficiency and management and decision-making level through precise performance appraisal mechanism and analysis report of overdue assets.

            Solution features

            Integrated collection

            It supports integrated collection of multiple credit businesses, which can be used for collection management of retail credit, personal credit, credit card and petty credit business; it supports collection organization structure of center and local branch collection. There are plentiful of collection means, and the collection strength can be adjusted flexibly according to the needs to realize the whole life-cycle management of overdue accounts;

            Rich information display

            The system displays rich and intuitive information, friendly interface, simple operation and unified style; the dynamic adjustment of collection policy takes effect immediately, and the collection policy can be adjusted dynamically according to the changes of business development to meet the needs of business development and the requirements of risk management; the precision management and collection performance analysis of collector can be realized through the multi-dimensional performance evaluation of the collector.

            Great analytical capacities

            With great statistical analysis capacities, it can issue various reports to meet management needs and decision support, so as to continuously optimize collection policy and achieve the most effective collection effect and control bad debts.

            Service advantages

            Ranking No.1 in case numbers: provide corresponding solutions for more than 30 domestic banks and financial institutions;

            Sophisticated collection means: integrate the most comprehensive collection means in the industry to adapt to various collection situations;

            Compliance with supervision requirements: reduce illegal collection events such as violent collection and campus naked loan through strict supervision matching between creditor and disposal party;