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            In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economy, the consumption channels of domestic environment are becoming more and more mature. With the industrial upgrading of consumption, the diversified fraud means and the rise of human cost, the existing fraud prevention means have been difficult to meet the needs of refined management. It is urgent to establish an omni-channel anti-fraud system based on fraud model. In combination with the existing fraud means for different channels, businesses and media in the market, Chinasoft International analyzes the specific features and types of fraud, provides the capture and identification model and process of transaction fraud, and constructs a complete fraud management system by combining quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis.

            Solution features

            Omni-channel data collection

            In order to provide complete and efficient data support for fraud strategy model judgment, we need to connect transaction data of all channels in real time, collect transaction data and parameter data and behavior data in bulk, complete data collection, pre-screening, clearing and processing of transaction subject.

            Multi-layer data model

            Filter risk transactions through the list, complete the preliminary judgment of transactions with multi-channel complex rules, analyze the features of transactions by behavioral habits, and complete the final transaction risk level judgment of fraud rating;

            Multi-dimensional security policy

            Different risk level transactions match different levels of security policy. Through SMS, transaction suspension, telephone contact with the trader, case investigation and other different means to control the fraud transactions, and feedback the processing results to the existing model to form a closed-loop feedback process.

            Service advantages

            Rich practical experience: more than 50 anti-fraud cases have been implemented since 2004, with rich implementation experience

            Advanced solutions: for banks and financial institutions to recover a large number of losses caused by fraud in the event and after the event;

            Stable professional team: stable multi-layer teams includes demand team, development team, product team, expert team, etc., making guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project;

            Sophisticated after-sales service mechanism: all teams of the company complete the problem positioning, troubleshooting and consulting through on-site support, telephone communication and other ways.