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      1. Automatic Fare Collection System for urban rail transportation


        AFC (Automatic Fare Collection System) for urban rail transportation is a closed network system of automatic ticketing, checking, billing and calculating, which is controlled by computer. It is a comprehensive charge management system based on computer, communication, network, automatic control and other technologies.


        Features of the system

        Based on the business models, AFC system can be divided into ACC (AFC Clearing Center), LCC (line central computer), SC (station computer), SLE (station level equipment) and ticket, the five levels top-down. It is divided according to the fully closed operation mode and the functions, managerial functions and their locations of each level and sub-system, taking the toll mode as the basis, adopting the composition principle of contactless IC card as tickets.

        Supporting NFC, QR code, face recognition, ID card and other forms of payment.

        Supporting a new generation of standard system based on Cloud Architecture.