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            ACC for rail transportation


            The all-in-one card payment and settlement system for rail transportation ACC (AFC Clearing Center), as the top management center of AFC system of rail transportation network, plays a very important role in the whole AFC system network. It acts as the online ticket management center, clearing and auditing center, ticket management center, technical standard and rule making center, statistics analysis and release function of the whole system data as well.

            ACC takes the overall managerial function of online AFC system for urban rail transportation network, which is the management center of the whole AFC system. It is responsible for the establishment and release of the ticket price of the whole network, monitoring road network operation status and road network parameter management, etc., which is the core system of rail transportation network.


            Features of the system

            Clearing algorithm

            It provides configurable transaction clearing algorithm, which is highly flexible, of good real-time performance, highly efficient processing, less system resource occupation and can adjust the clearing system resource requirements according to the system resource status. Clearing rules: it can display the shortest path, the shortest time, the least transfer and some other routing algorithms, at the same time, it can select the optimal paths according to the parameters, automatically adjust the proportion of revenue involved in different paths according to the parameters.

            Supporting multi-ticket types

            In addition to the normally issued one-way subway tickets, it also supports stored value tickets. It supports at least 255 kinds of tickets and different kinds of preferential methods.

            Visual road network editing

            It can edit the sketch map of road network rail transportation on the picture or city map. The edited sketch map can be used to monitor the real-time traffic flow of the road network, display the ticket price of the road network and the traffic flow of the road network cross-section, etc.

            Parameterization design

            The standardized method based on the table description can realize the complete parameterization and standardization of the clearing core processing, so that the clearing processing can reach the maximum flexibility and business adaptability.

            Load balancing

            By implementing load balancing at the application and combining with the multi-layer design of the application architecture, the processing capacity of the system can be maximized.

            Application-level Cache technology

            By adopting “application-level Cache technology”, high-speed clearing can be realized. Shared memory technology is widely used in application design, which greatly reduces database operation and improves system performance.

            Good openness and interconnection

            The network system architecture, communication protocol and data structure of the system comply with international and domestic specifications and regulations.

            Strong expansibility

            Ensuring that the software and hardware of the system can be expanded and upgraded smoothly in the future.

            Safe security measures

            The high security and reliability of the system is achieved by using high-density and high-efficiency encrypted data transmission, hierarchical authorization management of the system, establishment of demonstration system and other technical measures.

            Easy maintenance, convenient and practical for use

            The product adopts modular design with detailed product manual, which is convenient for installation, configuration, maintenance and practicality.

            Ticket type selection and system compatibility

            The ticket card adopted in the system is contactless IC card. The system supports one-way ticket, stored value ticket, CPU card (stored value ticket / employee card), mobile wallet (mobile SIM card), QR code, etc.

            Multi-channel accesses

            The system supports not only the central system access of rail transportation road network, but also the access of all-in-one card solution, China Mobile, China Telecom and other third-party card issuers.

            Hierarchical records

            The records generated in the system operation are output according to different levels, and the output forms can be saved in the forms of records or database; the database-saved records can be referred to through the management terminal.

            Operation status monitoring

            It can real-time monitor the operation status of various services of the system, the usage status of resources such as the message queue of the operating system, etc., and timely notify relevant staff to deal with the system failure.

            Supporting further development

            Each subsystem of the product supports customized further development with further development manual and access description. It has the further development ability of functional modules such as clearing processing, online transaction, batch processing, etc. as required.

            Supporting new generation standard system based on Cloud Architecture.