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            The management system of rail transportation engineering project


            The platform system, developed by Chinasoft International for the management of rail transportation engineering, can be customized quickly, has the characteristics of "responding quickly on demand", which can better respond to the needs of system construction and make the information construction and customer's actual business management integrated more closely, so as to facilitate management standardization of Metro Group by information construction and vice versa.


            Features of the system

            The management platform of Chinasoft International rail transportation project, by the design of "component + mechanism", enables users to quickly configure the system interface functions and management rules to adapt to the change of management requirements, which can solve most (about 90%) system expansion problems, and maximize the "initiative" of information construction to the management part, which is of great significance to the long-term development of informatization of rail transportation.

            The management system of the engineering project mainly includes: preliminary work, survey and design, investment management, progress management, site management, bidding and procurement management, safety management, quality management, inspection and acceptance management, project database management, project center, personal workbench, task supervision management, mobile application, rules and regulations management, daily operation management, etc.


            Service advantages

            Life-cycle management and control

            Taking investment control as the main line; strengthening the management and control of the whole process, “Starting at the ending point” 

            Standard edition development

            In the development form of “component + mechanism”, with rich components and expandable components, supporting rapid application development