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            With the continuous development and progress of IT technology, the market competition is more and more fierce, and the demands of enterprises for software products are also changing constantly. While clients are making stricter requirements on product quality, they also have higher expectations on each phase of the product life cycle, such as reducing the product development time, improving the expected quality, optimizing the production process and reducing the design cost. From product design, product development to quality testing and assurance in the later stage, every phase in the product engineering construction requires software service providers to have excellent service capability, so as to provide clients with products which deliver stable performance and excellent experience.


            Service advantages

              • Rich experience

                Rich practical experience and end-to-end product engineering solutions

              • Advanced technology

                Scientific methodology and advanced technology throughout the whole life cycle of the product

              • Complete facilities

                Advanced infrastructure and laboratory facilities

              • Global delivery capacity

                Globalized service delivery and competence centers

              Service scope

              • Product design

              • Software engineering

              • Hardware engineering

              • Product test quality assurance

              • Product life cycle management