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            Government-enterprise Digital Industry College

            With the model of "professional co-construction + base training + service platform + operation management", we will create a digital talent ecosystem.


            Product Profile


            Around the regional digital economy industry development needs, together with the government/park building a cluster of digital industry economy colleges. Through the joint training of talents between industrial colleges and universities, and in the park, provides a basis for local talent reservoir construction. To set up a new engineering talent training standard, to realize the in-depth integration of production and education, to keep the talent resources of colleges and universities human resources in the local area, and to establish digital talent reservoir, low-cost introduction of university resources, to provide support for the construction of regional digital talent highland.

            Characteristic advantage

            1. Brand Advantages: Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group has a strong brand influence in both IT industry and IT education, which is conducive to the building and formation of the brand of the Digital Industry Institute.

            2. Talent resource advantages: Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group has accumulated and formed a new generation of information technology proprietary talent pool of 200,000 people, which is continuously updated and expanded at a rate of 20% every year, which can provide rich talent resources support for the development of local digital industry.

            3. Resource Advantages of Colleges and Universities: Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group working with the national more than 1,000 colleges and universities of science and technology, including more than 100 universities in 985/211, and 221 universities signed the "in-depth cooperation agreement", with more than 8 OBE certified professional, obtained the National Ministry of Education, local education authorities and recognition of numerous/higher vocational colleges, making the Industry College in the aspect of cultivating talents with unique advantages.

            4. Advantages of enterprise resources: More than 30,000 enterprises are served by Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group. They all have a profound understanding and understanding of the changes in the demand for talents, which can help the Digital Industry Institute to locate the cultivation direction of talents, provide employment channels and promote the healthy growth of regional industries.

            5. Industry Resource Advantage: As a member of nearly 20 national associations, Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group provides more opportunities for external communication between the college and the industry, so that the college can integrate more closely with the industry and cultivate more and better first-class digital talents.

            6. Full Stack Service Advantages: Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group can realize the full stack service mode from talent cultivation, talent supply, products and services to the construction of talent ecology, and provide one-stop talent service solution for local governments.

            7. Delivery and operation advantages: With nearly 20 years of experience in the construction and operation of large-scale training centers, Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group has established 15 large-scale training bases across the country, and has exported more than 70,000 talents every year. It has rich experience in talent cultivation, transportation and operation of colleges.


            Functions or services list:

             1. Operation services: practical training and project practice, teacher cultivation, co-construction of major and provision of teaching products; Customized training, open classes, training camps, certification training; Talent recommendation, campus recruitment, agent recruitment, pre-job training, industry training, enterprise talent management; Digital exhibition hall, product promotion, summit forum, competition activities, international exchanges, industrial research.

            2. Platform system: intelligent teaching cloud platform, big data laboratory, artificial intelligence laboratory, OBE teaching management platform, competition platform, thesis certification platform, talent service platform, etc.



            Our cooperation opportunities

            1. Oriented to customers, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Municipal Big Data Bureau, Municipal Education Commission, etc., with the digital transformation of regional industries as the starting point, and regional talent training and talent aggregation as the core, looking for market opportunities.

            2. Based on the model of "professional co-construction + base training + service platform + operation management", the government guides local and surrounding colleges and universities to cooperate with industrial colleges. Jointly with local universities to apply to the local education department for a high fee index, which will be used for talent training and industrial talent support to promote the development of local digital economy industries such as software, big data and artificial intelligence. Provide industrial college site, supporting canteen. Student accommodation is provided for the training of student accommodation. According to the development plan of digital economy industry (software industry), it shall provide financial support for the first three years with no less than 5 million yuan per year, and adopt market-oriented operation in the later period.


            Classic Case Sharing

            Tianjin Development Zone Chinasoftware Excellence Information Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in the Development Zone on September 9, 2009. As a one-stop talent solution provider, it has been operating China Service Outsourcing Tianjin Training Center since 2009 and is affiliated to Chinasoft International Group (stock code: 354). Since it was official launched in September 2009, the company has achieved the initial goal after nearly ten years operation. At present, the total service area exceeds 7,600 square meters. The total number of personnel trained in the service outsourcing direction reached more than 100,000, and the number of employees reached more than 35,000, among which 4,600 were in the offshore outsourcing service outsourcing enterprises that met the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce. It has established school-enterprise training bases with 115 local and surrounding colleges and universities, and has established various levels of cooperation with 474 enterprises. IT provides support for the ecological construction of IT industry talents in Tianjin and the comprehensive linkage of talents, universities and enterprises.

            Talent Service Platform in Government-enterprise Park


            With the mode of "service platform + resource injection + operation management", it provides first-class digital talent support for the digital transformation of regional industries.


            Product Profile


            Provide regional/park enterprises with intelligent talent pool, talent evaluation, online courses and enterprise talent management functions, and provide park a talent service system for the park, and empower the talent management of the park enterprise.


            Functions or services list:


            1. Intelligent talent pool service: to establish a Shared talent pool in the park and a private talent pool in the enterprise, and to keep the data of the talent pool constantly increasing and updating by sharing the free resource exchange mechanism that can be obtained; The contents of personnel evaluation and training are added to the personnel resume, so that the enterprise can have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the talents; Through talent portrait and post portrait, people and posts can be accurately matched.


            2. Talent evaluation service: provide online evaluation of professional talents, and conduct a 360-degree evaluation of talents from five major aspects, namely, professional accomplishment, knowledge and skills, values, and personality interest, and basic intelligence; Provide enterprises-defined evaluation test paper tools to meet the needs of enterprises; The multi-dimensional display of evaluation data and the digital display of evaluation results.


            3. Online and offline course services: provide specialized online course training, 72 enterprise quality courses in four categories, including IT basic technology, technical management, cutting-edge courses and general training; Provide customized training plans for enterprises to meet the needs of online internal training; Training process tracking and training results analysis, digital presentation of training results.


            4. Talent management services: Provide talent management functions of the full-process, such as talent recruitment, talent interview, talent entry, and file management; Standardize the management of talent data and remind the potential labor risk; Provide talent credit management function, set up blacklist within the park area.


            5. Policy interpretation and project docking services: national, provincial and park policy publicity and guidance, so that enterprises can enjoy policy dividends; Combine Jie Fang project resources and provide project dividends for enterprises.


            6. Enterprise resource sharing service: Idle resources such as people, goods and equipment of enterprises in the park can be shared for paid use by publishing supply and demand information.


            Our cooperation opportunities 

            1. For customers, the district government, the park management committee and industrial companies, etc., take the digital transformation of regional industries as the starting point, with regional talent gathering and park enterprise empowerment as the core, looking for market opportunities.


            2. Adopt the mode of "service platform + service resources + platform operation", and the government will provide subsidies for three years, with an annual subsidy of no less than 2 million yuan. After three years, by charging membership fees from enterprises, the net income generated from market-oriented independent operation can be shared with the park.


            3. The park can also adopt the mode of "service platform + service resources + operation and maintenance services", which is operated and managed by the park itself. We quote according to the platform functions, the amount of resource input, operation and maintenance time and other conditions, and generally the scale of 200 enterprises shall not be less than 2 million yuan.


            Classic Case Sharing

            Case 1: Tianjin Tianhe Science and Technology Park, through the establishment of talent service platform, provides various services talents-related enterprises in the park, including talent recruitment, talent evaluation, talent training, talent management, policy interpretation and resource sharing. At the same time, it also connects the talent service platform with the related services of the smart park, providing information services, settlement services, property services and other related services for enterprises.