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            Online education

            With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the combination of network and education is getting closer and closer. With their rich and diverse teaching modes, flexible locations and time choices, online education and distance education have become new choices for everyone.

            With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Chinasoft International has accumulated professional and profound experience in application development and management services, which can help education industry customers to achieve digital transition successfully and build an online education platform of the whole ecological chain.

            Zker Academy- Chinasoft International online education platform

            Zker Academy is an online education platform operated by Beijing Chinasoft International. As an IT online learning & social platform of excellence training by Chinasoft International, Zker Academy relies on the practical experience accumulation of 30 years of training, combines the current IT training market situation, implements the talent training mode under the "Internet plus" situation, and integrates IT occupation education with the demands of social talents. It takes micro video + live broadcast as the main presentation forms to meet different learning demands and comprehensively improve the capacities of staff at all levels.

            Click here for Zker Academy details: http://www.zhaikexueyuan.com/