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            Rule decision engine products


            The make and change of business rules is one of the important tasks in all business throughout the financial industry. For example, there are a lot of rules in qualification approval, quota rate calculation, credit rating, risk discovery, point management, marketing, channel charging and other businesses. The sources of rules include policies and regulations, marketing strategies, product contracts, and expert experience. Rule decision engine product (hereinafter referred to as decision engine) separates rules from codes. The change of business rules does not need to change codes. A good decision engine product can realize the change of rules without the participation of IT personnel to reduce the maintenance cost. At the same time, the decision engine responds to rule changes very quickly, which can be completed in 1-3 days.

            Decision engine has been widely used in IT system of financial industry. At present, the cost of commercial decision engine on the market is too expensive, and the open-source and free decision engine products are often far from the actual needs of customers, especially cannot meet the habits of Chinese users. Therefore, Chinasoft International has developed a set of rules decision engine products (Top Rules), which are flexible, configurable, high-performance and highly available and suitable for Chinese users.

            Service scope

            1. Risk control of credit card approval

            The decision engine products of Chinasoft International can help bank customers to carry out specialized management, improve the quality and efficiency of institutional operation and management, complete the risk management system, improve the level of operation and management, transform the functions of management departments, enhance the overall competitiveness, reduce the cost of operation and management, improve the level and efficiency of decision-making, strengthen the prevention of operation risks, optimize the allocation of resources and pursue maximized benefits, and finally help customers to realize a set of comprehensive operation platform of flow approval based on decision engine products, and the factorized and paperless operation of approval operations.


            2. Internet financial risk decision

            Internet finance industry has been the most rapidly developing financial business in recent years, and the risk control is the core of the whole business system. Chinasoft International's rule decision engine has been applied to risk control system by many Internet financial companies. We can help customers achieve the following goals:

            Rate merchant and customer according to the designed risk model and business rules.

            Implementing the real-time automatic approval rules (reject, pass) system according to the application information, third-party data, stock data, etc. of users of different channels and products, combined with the designed business rules.

            Calculating the quota of merchants and customers according to the existing models and rules

            Realizing different collection policy configuration and customer risk ranking and high-risk customer detection.

            Implementing early warning indicators of customers after the loans according to the business rules.


            Service advantages

            Easy to use: improving user experience; enabling business users to easily program rules, and lowering entry barriers.

            Highly efficient: fast implementation, developers can quickly model, integrating with other systems to improve efficiency.

            Platform: a general rule engine platform separated from business situations. A platform can be quickly applied in various business systems.

            Compatibility: it can be run and used in mainstream operating systems, middleware, browsers and databases.