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            Flow engine products


            In the technical architecture of most business application systems, flow engine has become a standard component, and the flow of business activities is often complex and changeable, which requires separate flow management from the whole system for maintenance, that is why the flow engine needs to be produced.

            At present, the highly automated business flow has become the general trend. The hub-and-spoke structure, that is, a large number of driven flows of rules engine, is widely used in many system constructions. The impact of this on the flow engine is that the requirements for processing highly business related flows are greatly lowered, but the requirements for processing highly concurrent, frequent and simple flows are greatly improved. From the actual effect, the traditional process components are relatively weak to meet this demand, and a large number of original complex functions are no longer necessary, but become a burden of performance.

            FlowSharp, a flow engine product of Chinasoft International, is a set of lightweight, high availability and high performance flow engine products developed to meet this new trend. The product adopts the design of separating core engine and external plug-ins, which ensures the stability and high performance of flow promotion, and at the same time, provides the expansibility of different business node processing strategies.

            Service scope

            1. Internet consumer credit

            Internet finance industry has been one of the fastest growing financial business areas in recent years. Chinasoft International has developed an Internet consumer credit system, in which FlowSharp engine is applied. The flow of consumer credit system belongs to a typical hub-and-spoke structure, that is, a large number of rule engines are used as the controller of business node flow, so there are high requirements for the performance of the flow engine.

            The FlowSharp engine adopts the finite state machine as the core mechanism to ensure the stability and high performance of flow promotion, and can also protect the site and restore the flow in place in case of flow interruption, ensuring high availability.

            2. Bill business

            The bill business has always been the main business field of Chinasoft International. The bill system developed by Chinasoft International is widely used in many banks, and the FlowSharp engine is also used in the bill system. Bill business has the characteristics of business flow being complex and changeable. According to this situation, the flow engine has specially customized a special flow node type - approval node, which is used to provide flexible configuration function of human approval policy. The optional policies include: by current organization, by superior organization, by position, by position skipping over, etc., and the business variables used in the policies can be customized.

            Service advantages

            • Lightweight: simple and stable core module design;

            • High performance: state machine mechanism guarantees excellent performance;

            • High availability: error interruption mechanism ensures fast troubleshooting and repair

            • Expansibility: expansibility can be realized through plug-ins without affecting core functions