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            Customer relationship management system


            With the development of the domestic financial market, customers' demands for diversified and personalized financial businesses are increasingly prominent, therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the service of financial institutions. Customer relationship management plays an important role in customer resource control, customer retention and care, and marketing service guidance. How to improve the level of customer relationship management, customer service quality and professional level has become the focus of financial institutions.

            Based on the mature customer relationship management theory, Chinasoft International adopts the internationally advanced component-based design concept, and adopts the big data platform architecture for data storage and calculation, which fully meets the current and future development requirements of financial institutions. At the same time, it can be deployed and applied quickly according to the needs of financial institutions, with highly flexible configurable ability, and can be flexibly configured according to the needs of customers to meet the personalized needs of customers.


            Service scope

            The products of CRM system are divided into three parts: basic data platform, basic application platform and CRM application management platform. Basic data platform provides data support for basic management platform and application platform. The basic data platform processes, clears, extracts and transforms data sources. These data enter into the data mart, then analyze and summarize according to the business requirements, and form the data mart of CRM application management. The basic application platform includes rapid development platform, unified scheduling tool, report tool and other basic development tools, as well as organization model, authorization model, transaction management, exception management and other basic application components. CRM application management platform provides business application functions of customer relationship management platform, through which comprehensive support for customer relationship management, differentiated marketing, wealth management and performance appraisal can be realized.



            Service advantages

            Consulting ability: years of consulting and implementation practical experience in the field of financial CRM

            Delivery ability: we have successfully implemented many head office level CRM systems of commercial banks, and have rich construction experience in CRM project.

            Knowledge assets: professional basic development and operation platform, integrated with code generation tools, report development tools, efficient workflow engine products, configured scheduling tools and operation and maintenance integrated system monitoring tools.