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            Internet of things

            Internet of things solution of Chinasoft International can provide customers with open, rich, safe and reliable services, provide development platforms for traditional hardware businesses in the trend of intelligence and developing enthusiasts who are interested in the trend of Internet of things. It can facilitate traditional hardware to go into the trend of intelligence, rapid transition, rapid upgrading, realize the interaction between users and equipment, equipment and equipment, equipment and users!

            Advantages and features

            • Low cost

            • Time saved

            • Macro-security

            • Big data

            • Standardization

            • Customization


            Service scope

            Location services

            Function design: data monitoring, terminal monitoring, division of location and mobile area.

            Typical applications: equipment positioning, moving track, distribution area.

            Energy monitoring

            Function design: data monitoring, terminal monitoring, data analysis, remote upgrade.

            Typical applications: remote meter reading, energy management, energy consumption monitoring, etc.

            Base station service

            Function design: data monitoring, terminal monitoring, data analysis.

            Typical applications: base station positioning, remote broadcasting, video transmission.

            Industrial control

            Function design: online monitoring, remote control, data tracking, data analysis, event alarm.

            Typical applications: equipment control, engineering lighting, factory management, etc.

            Big data analysis room

            Function design: big data analysis, operation data tracking, data dimension definition, trend diagnosis.

            Typical applications: batch equipment data monitoring, operation analysis, comprehensive operation analysis.