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            Manufacturing industry


            In the electronic product manufacturing industry, high efficiency, intelligence and accuracy are the goals of the industry to seek. In Japan, the production field of circuit board is treated as a key area of high goals. In order to gain an advantage in the fierce market competition, the electrical appliance manufacturers continue to seek powerful partners to complete the research and development of the new generation production control system. With excellent comprehensive service capacities, Chinasoft International is highly favored by Japanese manufacturers.

            Over years of exploration and practice, Chinasoft International has accumulated profound experience in the electronics industry in Japan. We have accumulated rich experience in design, development and maintenance in AOI (automatic optical inspection) and production process management, and developed RV series upper computer system of printed circuit board optical inspection machine and Topss production process selection system. Our service scope covers 6 countries and more than 10 cities including China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe.


            RV series upper computer system of printed circuit board optical inspection machine

            Printed circuit board (PCB) is the base plate for assembling electronic parts. The manufacturing quality of PCB directly affects the reliability of electronic products. With the deep vertical development of electronic assembly to higher density and smaller size PCB hybrid technology, only relying on traditional functional testing and manual visual inspection and detection means cannot meet the needs of modern PCB industrialized production.

            RV series upper computer system of printed circuit board optical inspection machine is an automatic inspection system based on the application of machine vision technology. The defect inspection of PCB surface images is realized through the technical processes of extracting PCB surface images with high-definition line scan camera, conversing with image digitization, logical judgment and matching of feature points, logical comparison of line shape and outline, and judgment and extraction of defect points.

            RV series upper computer system of printed circuit board optical inspection machine, based on MVC framework, developed with VC + + MFC, includes three major functions: computer editing, automatic inspection and inspection package editing. Combined with real-time data transmission, hardware controlling logic and image graphics processing technology, it meets the industrialization requirements of high precision, fast speed and high reliability.

            Topss production process selection system

            Topss production process selection system is developed for the production application of PCB manufacturing enterprises. By establishing a standardized, accurate and real-time production database, it realizes the easy, standardized and detailed production business management, improves the management efficiency, and grasps the timely, accurate and comprehensive production dynamics to effectively control the production process.

            Topss production process selection system is developed by C#, which collects and distributes the information through WCF framework, and flexibly stores and manages production data by means of documents, databases, etc. It has realized a variety of practical functions such as remote control, remote judgment, real-time statement, data analysis, etc.

            Through Topss production process selection system, the data exchanges of PCB optical inspection machines in different production lines and sections can be realized. Through analyses and comparisons, the changes of production status can be grasped in time. Through the tracking of changes, problems can be found in time, and problems can be accurately located and solved in time, so as to ultimately improve production quality and efficiency.

            Service advantages

            Versatile capacities

            With profound knowledge of the industry, sophisticated in the whole process from requirement analysis, basic design to detailed design, development and testing, we can provide solutions quickly based on the existing framework.

            Seamless connecting

            Rich experience in Japanese development, no barrier in communication. Accurately grasp the needs of users, guide customers to achieve their goals and achieve a win-win situation.