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            TV media industry


            In order to improve the efficiency of production and arrangement of TV program, the Japanese digital TV broadcasting system came into being. With the rapid development of IT industry, the system has become an indispensable part in the field of TV broadcasting. It can achieve one-day advertisement layout and TV program editing through "one key", which saves a lot of time and improves efficiency.

            Chinasoft International has more than ten years of practical experience in digital TV broadcasting system. We have participated in the development and maintenance of more than 30 TV station systems in Japan, which involves the sales, production, arrangement, broadcast, data collection and analysis of TV programs and advertisements. It is in the leading position in China.


            Japanese TV broadcasting system

            The Japanese TV broadcasting system includes program production and arrangement, advertising, program and advertisement broadcasting, budget and revenue collection and analysis of TV station, etc. The app adopts VB.NET to achieve human-computer interaction; the server end uses Java to connect the database for data processing; the data analysis results are printed through Excel (VBA). The app and the server end are connected through Web OTX, which makes use of the friendly interaction of .NET and the high efficiency of Java data processing.


            Service advantages

            Rich industry experience

            Nearly 20 years of practical experience in Japanese TV industry, covering all large Japanese TV stations.

            Sophisticated structured team

            hawse have an integral team of excellent development and maintenance team of project management, industry experts and technical experts.