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            Japanese newspaper industry


            In Japan, the newspaper industry is relatively low impacted by the Internet and mobile Internet due to its unique sales mode of exclusive stores. Chinasoft International, together with one of the main system contractors in the Japanese newspaper sales industry, holds a large share of the newspaper ITO market.

            Chinasoft International has researched and developed advanced solutions for advertising application, advertising order collection management, sales management, online news subscription system, etc., which are widely used in local newspapers such as Kanto, Kansai, Hokkaido and even national newspapers in Japan.

            Service scope

            Advertising application system

            The advertisement application system is mainly responsible for inputting and managing the application of advertisements to be published in newspapers and printing relevant reports, including user management, right management, basic data management and other functions. According to the publication type(e.g. morning paper, evening paper, etc.), paper type (e.g. newspaper itself, newspaper entrainment, etc.), application type, advertising agent or advertiser, advertising information (e.g.  the length and width of the advertising, colored or black and white, etc.), amount type (e.g. regular business, election, temporary, etc.), unit price type (e.g. segment unit price, centimeter unit price, etc.), etc to finalize the advertising price, handling fee and other information. In the context of relevant industries, the business-end or advertising agency-end can use the system to directly apply for advertisements from outside the newspaper company through the Internet, or from inside.

            Advertisement order collection management system

            The advertisement order collection management system is mainly responsible for the functions of bill collection, collection management, report printing and budget input for the advertising agency or advertiser. The system will automatically check the order problem and remind the user to correct it in time. According to where the advertisement is handled, the month and year of the order, the advertising agency or the advertiser prints out the collection bill ( in PDF form), manages the collected items, and records the collection form (such as bank transfer, cash, check, etc.), bank name and other information. Based on order data, collection data and budget data, print all kinds of accounting related uncollected and detailed reports, which is convenient for customers to analyze business performance.

            Online news subscription system

            Online news subscription system is a mobile internet project developed for Japanese economic news, which is mainly for users who pay for online news subscription through mobile phones or tablets. Since it has been launched in 2009, the daily average UV has exceeded 10 million, while the number of online users has exceeded 400,000 (according to 2015 Statistics). The system take shares of more than 70% of Japan's paid online news market.

            Service advantages

            Rich industry experience

            With more than 15 years of practical experience in the Japanese newspaper industry, it is the most important partner of customers in the newspaper industry. 

            Strong delivery capacity

            The team members are united and they have worked together for more than 10 years. They have been working on the ability of architecture design, project management, implementation and testing for many years, which makes them have a strong overall delivery capacity.