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            Vocational training

            With the implementation of the National "Internet plus" strategy, a large number of aspiring young people hope to join the Internet industry. In order to meet the increasing demand for IT training in the society, Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group opens part of its training resources to the society for recruitment, and provides internships and training opportunities for the majority of students, so as to greatly improve the employment and entrepreneurial ability of graduates. The main courses offered by Chinasoftware International Education and Technology Group include Java enterprise application development, Python big data analysis, big data system development, artificial intelligence application development, Web front end, UI design, embedded development, PHP, software testing, mobile Internet development, etc.


            The Excellent Training Center (ETC) under Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group is a core component of Chinasoft International’s talent strategy, an important talent support platform for Chinasoft International's rapid development, and a first-class software talent training and service provider in China. In 2006, Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group established the first "Chinasoft International Software Talent Training Base" (Beijing ETC) in Beijing Changping Chinasoft Software Park, and successively invested in the construction of large-scale information technology training bases and regional talent service centers in 15 regions of the country. As of December 2019, the national base has a total business area of more than 70,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 20,000 students at the same time.


            Excellent training system

            Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group has invested heavily in the research and development of "5R (5Real)" training curriculum system for prospective employees (5R is: real work environment, real project manager, real project case, real work pressure and real job opportunities). The excellent training environment of Chinasoft International Education and Technology Group completely simulates the real workplace setting of the enterprise. The teaching staff consists of 97 expert-level teachers, 178 project experts and 255 talent service managers. Expert lecturers have many years of IT industry experience and talent training experience. The project manager team all come from the front-line project managers of various IT enterprises and has rich project experience. It can be called the IT training national team. By virtue of the abundant training resources of Chinasoftware International Education and Technology Group, the students' project practice ability is systematically improved.

            Up to now, more than 30,000 enterprises have signed talent training order agreements with more than 400 enterprises to truly help cooperative enterprises solve the problem of talents, and over 60,000 students are truly employed every year. It has become a well-known high-end IT technology training brand in the industry.