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            Chinasoft International has rich practical experience in the field of e-commerce, providing customers with solutions suitable for the development of enterprises to meet customers’ challenges of different levels and stages. Ultimately, we are committed to creating lasting value and achievements for customers. Chinasoft International provides 2B and 2C e-commerce platform construction, payment / transaction management, member management, supply chain management, data analysis, operation management and other full-stack services for the Internet industry and traditional industries.

            At present, we have accumulated a large number of successful practices in the field of e-commerce, including the leading companies in the Internet industry such as Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent, etc.; we have helped a large number of traditional industries successfully transform, such as China tobacco, Qilu Yunshang, etc.


            Successful cases

            Development of e-mall of large retail mall

            Our customer is a large-scale state-owned commercial trading industry group, which basically covers all business forms of means of life and means of production. It owns department stores, outlets, large supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, etc. Chinasoft International has created a brand-new regional vertical business e-platform for customers to connect, integrate and interact with online and offline, to connect stores, business center, logistics chains and consumers, to form an all-channel business ecosystem, and to create a new and unique shopping experience.

            System functions: general merchandise, electrical appliances, global shopping, 24h department stores, flash sales, three-hour fast arrival of goods at home and other shopping channels; diversified logistics methods such as delivery to door and pick- up by oneself; multi-channel commodity displaying and purchase, sale and storage management; operation managements such as merchant entering, brand joint operation, etc.

            Development of online shopping mall in FMCG industry

            This customer provides online sales services for individuals and companies. Online shopping mall is a set of online trading platform for first-class dealers to get approval in the form of B2 and B2C. Similar to Alibaba, this project is a professional online retail and wholesale trading market for FMCG, providing one-stop services from wholesalers to terminal merchants and terminal buyers, including pre-sale, on sale, logistics and warehousing services.

            Through the establishment of the platform, the online services from the dealers to the terminal store is realized; the dealer management system is established for the customers, the informatization going online of dealer's daily affairs management is solved; the connection with the original SAP system of the manufacturer is provided to achieve the whole process service of the whole e-commerce platform business.

            Setting up procurement platform for construction industry

            Professional online procurement platform for construction material, providing online and offline two-way services, online order, offline services.

            At the same time, the platform canprovide information of building materials market, and accurately push mutual assistance information according to user needs. Users can not only release the supply and demand information of life and work free of charge on the platform, grasp the price situation of China's building materials market, carry out wholesale of building materials and large-scale equipment transactions, invite the suppliers to join in, but also can enjoy the professional consulting services of building materials experts free of charge.

            Bulk commodity e-commerce platform

            This customer is mainly positioned to build a B2B trading platform for bulk commodities in the coal industry. Platform features:

            • Comprehensive functions, including: information services, financial services, shopping mall services, logistics management, warehousing, etc;

            • Diversified transaction models: listing transaction, purchase transaction / set-price purchase, competitive price transaction, bidding transaction, etc;

            • Data management: real time monitoring and analysis of transaction data, user data, industry data, etc.

            The project has successfully opened a new mode of things transaction in the traditional industry. With four months of online operation, there are more than 200 member enterprises that are active, with a total order amount of more than 15 billion.