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      1. Cultural media


        With the rapid development of Internet information technology, the informationization of cultural media industry has launched innovative and creative revolution based on the tide of new Internet technology. Under the general trend of service diversification and information development of Chinasoft International cultural media industry, the business models of cultural media industry institutions have changed dramatically. How to improve the operation processes and business models with the help of new Internet technology, so as to improve the business efficiency, expand the field of new media communication, improve the user service ability, change and optimize the user experience, etc. has become the most important priority.

        After years of accumulation in the industry, Chinasoft International has taken a leading position in the solution market in the fields of new media integration, digital publishing, mobile Internet news communication, multimedia magazine presentation, etc. The service scope is mainly centered in Beijing.


        Service scope

        New media integration

        The new media integration is an important content for newspapers to speed up the construction and development of the whole media and promote the integration and development of traditional media and new media. The project aims to achieve the integration of traditional newspaper business and new media business, and focuses on the construction of visual creative resource management and the development of creative tools. Based on these two goals, the project will build a sustainable development model of Internet creativity based on creative community, realize the trinity of sustainable operation, support the upgrading of newspaper business models, and create and enhance diverse profitability.  It mainly includes the following:

        • Integration:  helping speed up the integration of newspaper business

        • Integrating resources: optimizing the creative design support ability of newspaper resources

        • Building a visual innovation design -Internet mass innovation operation mode

        • Helping the newspapers to innovate and upgrade their business model and improve their revenue structure


        Digital publishing

        We construct the main framework of digital publishing, formulate the relevant standards and specifications of digital publishing, explore the website operation mode of B2B, B2C and C2C. With the relevant service capacities, we have made access to the whole process of digital resource processing, loading, management, publishing, marketing and reading, and has e-commerce services of the whole process of selecting goods, orders, payment, collection and delivery.

        Digital publishing takes content resources at the center of its endeavour and supports online and offline contributions, including pictures, journals, entries, regulations and courseware. The contribution contents enter the manuscript source database, and the resource database after digital editing, processing and review. The resource database pushes the resources and knowledge to the publishing database to provide content resources for multi-terminal integrated publishing. On the front-end website and mobile terminal, the digital publishing platform provides rich digital marketing and product services for the users of cultural bookstore and Internet users, including online shopping mall, online mass innovition, online recommendation, mobile shopping mall, WeChat, micro entry, micro regulation, micro courseware, cultural bookstore, etc. In addition, it also provides service-oriented and component-based open platforms to better support the platforms’ operation services.

        In order to get through the whole business process of the publishers and realize the whole process management of paper books and e-books, the internal systems such as digital editing, digital processing, resource management, distribution management, financial management and customer management are integrated in the background to realize unified user management, single sign on, data integration and interface integration. The resources of the whole platform are stored and managed by the resource base, including content resources, management resources and public opinion resources, and provide data support for decision support.


        Mobile Internet news communication

        Mobile Internet news communication, mainly relying on the massive user data of newspapers and publishers, combined with reporter resources of newspapers and publishers and other data, taking mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, 4G and other new technical means, integrates big data collection, storage and analysis to realize the user-centered intelligent recommendation of news, accurate advertisement delivery and real-time information interaction big data analysis platform.

        Adopting big data analysis technology, monitoring major social events, building a scientific early warning monitoring system, and better serving the Party and government.

        Establishing a holographic live report system, with the support of live video technology, the network video content management and operation as the core, and streaming media technology as the base, integrating collection, editing, broadcast control, management and publish, and supports pictures, audio, video, etc., to create a new "live news" style in the mobile Internet era.

        The overall structure of the platform is based on the principle of “trinity”. According to the overall business planning and design, we implement strategies step-by-step , follow the principles of “easy first and difficult second, gradually implementation, promotion of mature business one by one” to realize the unified content publishing management based on cloud mode; integrate information and application, users and netflow to the national service platform of Party and government client, provide business support and basic service of front-end multiple terminals representation.


        Multimedia magazine presentation

        It is mainly the practical experience accumulation for the development of apps of extreme high-definition large pictures. With the characteristics of good quality and strong visual appeal, high-definition pictures have been paid more and more attention by the media. Some network media have launched high-definition large picture client products or added high-definition large pictures in existing clients.

        Multimedia magazine presentation aims to enrich the types and presentation methods of the visual multimedia magazine, adjusts the column settings, improves the background editing system, and provides users with a better visual experience.

        The system mainly displays picture stories or special topics with strong visual shock effects in an irregual updating time. “News” will strengthen the reporting of current political news to show the current political news and emergency news events to the audience; “Life” will contain more soft news, fashion style, interesting pictures and other contents; “Sports” will continue to focus on excellent competitive pictures and send some sports tidbits pictures. “Tourism” mainly displays beautiful sceneries of various places, and also has some pictures of tourism festivals; “Old photos”,  as a window to display a large number of photos archives of the newspapers, will update the pictures composed of historical photos from time to time; “Mobile media” will launch the product of combination of videos and pictures produced by the new media editing room from time to time; “Photography corner” is a charge column to implement the integrated service concept of the newspaper, which invites well-known photographers of the newspaper to introduce photography knowledge and shooting skills to the readers, and provides information equipment recommendation and cutting-edge information in the field of photography.