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            Core system solution of credit card


            The credit card system and the core system have always been the most important two systems of the banks, which occupy the most important position in the whole business operation of the banks. The product providers of the core system have always been the large foreign companies. With the advantages of overseas business and products, they are invincible in the mainland of China when the credit cards entered China at the very beginning. The core product of Chinasoft International's TOPCard credit card is the core system of credit card that integrates the business experience accumulated by the successful implementation of our domestic credit card project, absorbs the foreign high-end mainstream credit card application software technology, and independently develops based on the open platform. Through the continuous investment of Huateng company in product research and development and the continuous accumulation of experience in the implementation of core system projects of domestic financial institutions, we have learned the design concept of V+ and followed the continuous development of V+, thus establishing a credit card business system that not only has the international leading level in business, but also meets the needs of domestic characteristics. The core of credit card has won the praise from customers for its advanced technology and high efficiency in performance.

            Main modules

            1. Card issuing: card issuing management, accounting treatment

            2. Authorization: supporting authorization processing of transactions from the bank's channels, UnionPay channels, foreign card organization channels and third-party channels.

            3. Installment: providing standard transaction installment, merchant installment, accounting installment and other functions.

            4. Management platform: management of all credit card core parameters.

            5. Business processing platform: the operation platform of credit card business, such as customer information management, account information management and card information management, installment processing, authorization transaction query and processing.

            6. Unified service platform: providing external system access to the core system of credit card related functions based on webservice.


            Business features

            • Supporting  multi-institution card issuing

            • Supporting product issuing of multiple card organizations. At present, it supports China UnionPay, VISA, MasterCard, JCB and other card organizations.

            • Supporting a variety of card products, such as standard credit card, CO-branded card, civil service card and consumer credit card

            • The hierarchical parameter system is convenient for banks to flexibly make their own business rules.

            • Customer-centered design concept.

            • Supporting the standard credit card processing mode of one account with multiple cards, and also support the multi-limit processing mode of one card with multiple accounts

            • Supporting multi-currency clearing

            Technical features

            • Based on UNIX platform, support AIX / UNIX / Linux.

            • Supporting a variety of database systems, DB2 / Oracle

            • Modular design

            • Convenient for customized development

            • High flexibility

            • Based on J2EE architecture

            • SOA-based design

            • Supporting multiple communication methods, such as TCP / IP, SNA, etc.

            • Batch scheduling based on DAG

            • Supporting IC card