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            Overall solutions for credit card external


            The system that supports business operation of credit card is divided into two categories: credit card core and credit card external. Although it is called credit card external system, it is an indispensable application system for credit card business operation. The credit card core is relatively stable,  most core business mode of credit card is relatively fixed, and external system of credit card is extremely complex due to the rapid business change and other reasons. In order to solve this problem, the solution from Chinasoft International for credit card external came into being. Based on the original decentralized external system, a set of overall external system solution was formed to meet the business needs of small and medium-sized banks to issue credit cards.

            Service scope

            1. Card incoming approval: the whole process and risk control solution for the credit card approval stage.

            2. Anti-fraud of credit card transaction: early warning function for the transaction of possible fraud in the process of credit card transaction.

            3. Credit card collection: the basic functions of short message collection and electric collection for collection after the credit card is overdue.

            4. Credit card customer service platform: an operation platform for the credit card customer service department to meet the needs of all customer service businesses.

            5. Unified credit card login platform: single sign-on function for all external systems.

            Service advantages

            1. Providing a platform for external system development

            The external systems of credit card center are highly rich and various. In the solution, Chinasoft International provides not only the business system necessary for business, but also the development platform, on which we integrate the basic modules such as process engine and rule engine, and also provide the basic subsystem similar to the unified login platform.

            2. Customized for small and medium-sized banks

            The credit card centers of national banks and joint-stock banks are generally thousands of people, and the external systems used are also very rich and complex. Chinasoft international has provided plentiful solutions in these credit card centers, and also served many credit card centers of small and medium-sized banks. We deeply realize that the number of cards issued directly determines the complexity of the credit card external system. Therefore, we have customized a set of credit card external system solutions for small and medium-sized banks to provide the most economical and affordable solutions for their business development and future business development