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            The all-in-one card payment and settlement system for public transportation


            All-in-one city card system is the most widely used payment system that is related to the daily travel of people in various cities. It has greatly met the convenience requirement of travel and life for the citizens; meanwhile it is recognized as a civil engineering in various regions, including all-in-one card for transportation, health care card for residents, social insurance card and other citizen cards.

            The solution of all-in-one city card system developed by Chinasoft International transportation business line has been successfully applied in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing and other major domestic cities, with a market share of more than 40%. It is the absolute leader in city card business in China.


            Technical features

            High stability, reliability and expand-ability of system operation

            Operability, ease to use and maintainability of the system

            Safety management function

            Business features

            It applies centralized processing of business data throughout the industry, separation of real-time transaction database and query transaction database.

            It has stable core business system, supporting multiple industries and multi-type businesses.

            Bring about changes to operation strategies from the original card payment management centralized to customer service centralized.

            The unified monitoring and authorization center of the whole industry, and all stations share the fund quota management in a unified way.

            Support 7 * 24-hour service for all businesses.

            In view of management and decisions making, through the establishment and mining of system database to form MIS, it combines with external data; takes advantage of the advanced analysis tools to establish intelligent and learning-type DSS to realize scientific and dynamic business management.

            Convenient, flexible and unified interface service and access portal realize service customization and new network business.