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      1. Solution for environment assessment supervision


        Environment assessment supervision platform of Chinasoft International focuses on the optimization of business process of construction project environmental assessment, realizes the application of construction project approval on the Internet, acceptance on the private network and approval on the intranet, and greatly improves the efficiency approval of environmental impact assessment.


        Solution features

        We establish and improve service–based administrative approval process, paperless administrative approval, and the standardization and timeliness of approval work. We meet the needs of complex system business process management with unified and comprehensive graphical process monitoring and complete authority control system; make the information and affairs of approval open and transparent, and ensure the public's right to participate, know and supervise; regulate the act of power and the time limit of approval, establish a complete mechanism of mutual supervision and restriction, promote the openness of government affairs, and improve the efficiency of approval.

        Light application development: effectively solving the connecting problem between application services and mobile users' needs.


        Solution advantages


        R & D based on relevant business standards and work deployment of the department of environmental protection


        Full-scale business process management covering environmental impact assessment process


        It can be customized according to the specific business conditions of local departments of environmental protection