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            Platform solutions for regional health care


            Based on the health archive, fully comply with the top-level design planning requirements of the National Health and Family Planning Commission 4631-2 project, we follow the HL7, DICOM and other medical industry standards, and realizes the information exchange, information sharing and mutual integration among different systems and applications of various medical institutions. At the same time, the platform will lay a good foundation for the platform expansion such as new medical institutions to join and the access of new medical application. The platform has reached the advanced level of intelligence, stability, security and availability in China, and it is a high-quality practical plan for smart medical treatment in the construction of smart city.


            Product features

            Integrated management portal

            Providing medical behavior supervision and decision-making support for managers, configurable supervision indicators, and mobile app application to assist supervision and management.

            Public health portal

            Providing personal health management entrance, display the whole personal health archive of residents in multiple dimensions, and checking the medical record, test report, inspection report, image information, expense list, etc. of individual previous consultations through the portal.

            Regional health care

            Relying on the unified planning of the province, assisting in the construction of two-way referral, telemedicine and regional inspection coordination system, making graded diagnosis and treatment, and resource sharing among the basic levels and comprehensive medical institutions available.

            Mobile application

            Through mobile app or WeChat, we can provide convenient services such as appointment registration, test and inspection report query, cost query, diagnosis treatment service and drug price query, and display information such as medical institutions, experts and health trends in the area.

            Integration portal

            From the perspective of professional doctors, patients' data are reorganized to show the data of previous visits in a whole. Doctors can receive various notices and announcements, arrangements and schedules, they can check the comments after the management approves the medical documents in the portal, and provide a unified portal for business collaborative applications such as remote consultation and two-way referral.


            Service scope

            • Providing health archive service for the public

            • Providing patients with online appointment registration, payment between clinics, two-way referral services

            • Providing the doctors with the patient's previous electronic consultation records, so that the doctor can master the patient's history and treatment record

            • Through big data analysis, some classic cases such as early diagnosis characteristics and the best treatment plan of some difficult diseases are formed to improve the level of medical workers

            • To balance the patients in the hospitals, that is to change the situation of the overcrowding in the large hospital and the few in small hospital