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      1. Solutions for civil affairs industry


        The overall goal of civil affairs informationization is to further implement and improve the digital civil affairs project. With the establishment of a smooth e-government channel, a unified data analysis center, a comprehensive management service platform, and an advanced technical support foundation, it can effectively improve the management and service environment of civil affairs, and gradually establish a basic security early warning system to undertake the central government concerns of the social security operation, and civil affairs public service platform and community comprehensive information platform for the citizens’ good. It can provide powerful information technology support and guarantee for civil affairs to perform their duties in social management and public service, maintain social stability and build a harmonious society in the new era.

        After years of practical accumulation, Chinasoft International has provided advanced solutions in the field of social welfare and social progress of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and toponymic service, etc. It has established two core business systems: data service support system of civil affairs think tank and toponymic information civil affairs management and social service platform. It provides services to users nationwide in the form of public services.


        Service scope

        Data service support system of civil affairs think tank establishment

        Data service support system of civil affairs think tank establishment forms a complete decision-data-support data processing process of scientific research and data collection - quality audit - data management - data analysis. It mainly includes: data collection platform, data exchange center, think tank application system, data sharing and resource service.

        Toponymic information administrative management and social service platform for the Ministry of Civil Affairs

        On the basis of geospatial data, toponymic information administrative management and social service platform for the Ministry of Civil Affairs adopts the method of geographical model analysis to provide a variety of spatial dynamic geographic information support and services for geographical research and decision-making. The application scope includes: the administrative department of toponymic information of the provincial, municipal and county departments of the Ministry of Civil Affairs to meet the needs of the public for toponymic information and data services, as well as the unified and standardized management of national toponymy.

        The system features: the system is set up based on spatial data, which is strong at spatial operation analysis ability, big data analysis and precision service ability.