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      1. Smart agriculture solutions


        Informationization is the commanding height of agricultural modernization. Vigorously developing agricultural and rural informationization is in urgent need to accelerate agricultural modernization and build a well-off society in all aspects. Chinasoft International's smart agricultural solutions mainly focus on promoting the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, building a modern agricultural industrial system, production system and management system, aiming at the construction of smart agriculture, focusing on improving the innovation and application capacity of agricultural information technology, improving the agricultural information service system, realizing the smart agricultural production, network-based operation, data-based management and online service, comprehensively improve the level of agricultural and rural informationization, thus making the crowd of farmers have more sense of gain in sharing the achievements of informationization development, and providing a strong driving force for the obvious progress of agricultural modernization and building a well-off society in all aspects.


        Solution features

        In the aspect of agricultural application software

        We closely keep an eye on the expectations and demands of the agricultural departments, agricultural enterprises and farmers, implement the modern information technology through the whole process of agricultural modernization construction, that makes the comprehensive integration of information technology and agricultural production, operation, management and service, and positions agricultural application software as the leading force of innovation driven agricultural modernization development. 

        In the aspect of agricultural big data service, it applies data warehouse, distributed storage, data association analysis, data modeling, data visualization and other technologies to build a smart agricultural big data analysis platform, integrates agricultural data indicators, information resources, analysis models, and guides agricultural supervision and agricultural production and operation decisions.

        In the aspect of agricultural data exchange and sharing

        Through internal integration and external exchange, we can promote data co-construction and co-sharing among departments and bureaus, agricultural departments, and the central and the local governments, and establish a list of open agricultural and rural big data resources.


        Solution advantages

        Through internal integration and external exchange, we can promote data co construction and sharing among departments and bureaus within the Ministry, agricultural departments, and between the central and local governments, and establish a list of open agricultural and rural big data resources. Solution advantages

        Chinasoft International has been deeply involved in the field of agricultural information over 10 years, and has formed a professional team familiar with business and agricultural and rural information.

        Three general integrations

        We have successively served as the general integrator of three major informationization projects of the Department of Agriculture, namely, golden agriculture engineering, the combination of telephone, computer and television and the smart ship inspection, leading the informationization development and construction of the Department of Agriculture.

        Six knids of industry software

        Develop and construct six kinds of industry software, including agricultural data collection and analysis, animal husbandry statistical monitoring, agricultural machinery safety supervision, agricultural material administrative approval, agricultural product quality and safety, fishery supervision and management.

        Seven industry fields

        It covers planting, animal husbandry, fishery, agricultural machinery, quality and safety of agricultural products, rural operation and management, rural market economy and other industries.

        Serve more than 100 thousand agricultural enterprises and millions of agricultural users.