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      1. Comprehensive solution for social insurance


        Chinasoft International is the main contractor of the first phase of the golden insurance project of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. We have undertaken many projects, such as the supervision of social security fund, the remote transfer of pension relationship, the insuring of foreigners, the comparison of pension relationship, and the auxiliary certification of remote retirement. We are the only implementer of the vertical networking of the data center of the golden insurance project of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the only contractor of the national fund supervision project of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. We have developed a comprehensive social insurance solution on this basis.


        Supervision of social insurance fund

        The supervision software of social insurance fund of golden insurance project is one of the top ten software of golden insurance project. It forms the systematic management system of social insurance together with other software of golden insurance project.

        Relying on the basic data and network system of the exchange database of the golden insurance project, the social insurance fund supervision software of the golden insurance project shows the information needed for the supervision of the social insurance fund, gives early warning and prompts questions, provides flexible query technology, opens the electronic information exchange channel between the superior and the inferior, and comprehensively supports the fund supervision institutions and personnel at the four levels of the ministry, the province, the city and the county to carry out the supervision at the same level and at the lower level. It is an important tool and information platform for off-site supervision of funds to combine horizontal and vertical supervision, realize both macro and micro supervision, and find potential problems threatening the safety of funds.

        At present, the social insurance fund supervision software of the golden insurance project has been implemented in nearly 30 provinces and municipalities, including Jiangsu, Shanghai, Chongqing, Henan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, etc.

        Performance features

        • Effectively monitoring, analyzing and evaluating the management and operation status of various social security funds;

        • Timely finding out the weak links and doubtful points of social insurance fund and strengthening fund management;

        • Timely understanding and grasping the fund operation status and support capacity to achieve stable operation of the system;

        • Providing effective guarantee for improving the supervision level of fund supervision departments at all levels.

        The credit system of human resources and social security

        The credit system of human resources and social security mainly manages and evaluates the social security system of enterprises, companies and individuals for the use of human resources and social security departments at all levels. It is connected with the local public credit information platform to realize the information exchange and sharing between the credit system of human resources and social security management system and the enterprise public credit information platform.

        The system extracts relevant information such as labor contract, salary default, social insurance payment, employment introduction, hospital doctor management, two fixed requirements management, professional and technical position review and other relevant information and the credit system manages the extracted data; at the same time, it can manage personal credit and enterprise credit information; it has the ability to exchange the data with provincial enterprise public credit information platform, and can be used by ministries of human resources and social security at all levels in the province.

        The system manages human resource social security credit system at the level of province, city, county, town and village. It collects integratedly and regularly of information related to human resources and social security credit information base, exchanges to provincial data center, and provides unified management of enterprise, public institution, social organization and personal credit information for human resources and social security related institutions at the provincial, municipal, county, town and village levels.

        Social insurance electronic archive

        Social insurance electronic archive management platform is an archive information management solution specially set up for the ministry of human resources and social security. It perfectly connects with the business system through the localized service interface to realize the electronic specific function of business archive. On the basis of not changing the original business operation process, it only scans the business archive once, and completes the electronic archive upload and system data update of archive management at the same time, saving time and labor, creating infinite convenience for the daily work of the institutions.

        Services include: electronic archive generation, electronic archive collection, original archive filing, keeping archive, keeping archive confidential, archive statistics, archive appraisal, archive destruction, archive transfer, archive consulting, warehouse management

        Remote transfer of pension relationship

        The remote system of golden insurance project is one of the top ten software of golden insurance project. It forms the systematic management system of social insurance together with other software of golden insurance project. Services include: remote transfer contact letter management, remote transfer business processing, remote transfer result confirmation, remote transfer process management.

        According to the overall planning of the golden insurance project, relying on the national special network for labor security business, a remote transfer and connection platform is established at the ministerial level, and the agencies at all levels are required to connect in accordance with the unified specifications and standards. The transfer-in place and transfer-out place exchange data such as contact letter, transfer information and transfer result through the remote transfer connection platform to complete the seamless connecting of social insurance information in the country. At present, all cities of the country have completed the access to the remote transfer system platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and it has been officially put into operation.

        • It has effectively solved the problem of the transfer of pension relationship for the insured floating across provinces, and achieved mutual acceptance of payment records across the country;

        • It greatly improves the efficiency of the transfer of the insured relationship;

        • It trace the relationship transfer process in real time.

        Offsite assistance certification of social management service for retirees

        Offsite living of the elderly is a new living model for the elderly, a new direction of future living for the elderly, which has been recognized by more and more countries, enterprises and the elderly. Then it brings the blind area of pension payment supervision. Due to the separation of the insured area and the living area for the elderly, the social insurance supervisors cannot know whether the old man is alive or not, and the lawbreakers take the pension after the elderly death, resulting in the loss of pension.

        In order to reduce the occurrence of false claim of the elderly pension, reduce the amount of false claim and protect the security of elderly pension, we should use technical means to authenticate the elderly living in different places, use face recognition technology and big data analysis to verify. It includes the following aspects:

        • Offsite assistance certification

        • Self certification based on face recognition technology

        • Early warning based on big data analysis

        Service advantages

        We are the only contractor of social security fund supervision in the country. Deployed at the ministerial and provincial levels, applied at the ministerial, provincial, municipal, district and county levels, the system will scan and promote the problems if found nationwide, so as to recover financial losses for social security funds at all levels and curb the incidence rate of insurance fraud.

        The national veterans' pension transfer and cross regional and cross system transfer are carried out through the pension remote transfer platform constructed by our company, which accumulated the pension relationship data of the national floating population, and provides the basis for the country to formulate relevant policies.

        We undertake the data collection work in the exchange area of national golden insurance project from districts and counties, cities to provincial departments, to the Ministry of human resources and social security, to provide data support for fund supervision (repeated insuring, repeated pension collection), decision support, etc.

        Social insurance electronic archive achieves the electronization of archives scattered in the agencies, and through cross archive query index, achieves rapid archive adjustment and inspection to improve the efficiency of the agencies.