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            With more than 26 years of service experience in business process outsourcing, Chinasoft International has a great deal of successful practice in business analysis, process design, system development, business support system construction, training and business improvement, etc. In order to meet the clients’ ever-changing and diversified needs, Chinasoft International keeps making breakthroughs to help clients reduce costs with flexible, safe and high-quality services.


            Service scope

            • Personnel & accounting
              • Accounting process

              • Entry document audit, travel expenses, assets, statistics, binding, etc

            • CAD architectural design
              • Wooden architecture design

              • Public toilet space design

            • DTP desktop publishing
              • Advertising sheet production in newspapers and periodicals

              • Cartoon image processing

              • Image scanning and mapping

              • Various catalogues layout

              • Image matting

              • Book typesetting

              • Home plan preparation

            • Banking transactions
              • Card opening service

              • Account maintenance service

              • Financial crime investigation service

              • Overseas remittance/domestic remittance

            • CAD production design
              • Ship production design

              • Bridge production design

              • Industrial furnace and sanitary equipment design

              • Anti-sliding retaining wall design

            • Webpage making
              • CSS+XHTML coding

              • WORDPRESS image

            • Data entry
              • Various applications, notes and questionnaires

              • Deal with marketing, ordering/order acceptance, sales, etc.

              • Produce the information of recruitment and job advertisements

              • New Year card

              • Insurance policy

            • Client assistance
              • Prepare the sales data

              • Prepare quotations

            • CAD engineering design
              • Escalator production design

              • Three-dimension design

            Some clients