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            Chinasoft International construction CAD department was established in 2005. It is one of the three major agent established in China by the production design information department of one of the famous Japanese construction company. Chinasoft International puts the customer's requirements of quality and efficiency first. According to the needs of the buyer, we apply the Japanese wood frame metal connection method to carry out the CAD input, inspection and correction, make the processing drawings for the factory and the accurately calculated data of the components required by the house, and provides the construction staff with the site assembly drawings and other architectural drawings, so as to save workforce and reduce costs for our customers. At present, Chinasoft international has a strong technical team and a large number of Japanese-speaking competent staff, who have rich experience in the field of wood building.


            Service scope

            Making construction plan and elevation: according to the given plan and elevation sketch, combined with the needs of the buyer and the operation instruction, we carry out CAD input and inspection, and finally make the standard plan and elevation.

            Making foundation drawing, BCS, allocation plan, spare parts drawing, performance application drawing, and excellent residential application drawing.

            The walls and foundations are designed based on the principles of mechanics and architecture. According to the requirements of the construction site and the construction laws and regulations, we make the allocation plan, performance application drawing, spare parts drawing and other drawings.

            Making processing drawings and construction drawings of decoration materials, such as skylight, floor, foundation line, window frame, door frame, gypsum, exterior decoration materials, and calculate the price of materials and labor force at the same time.

            Making plan, section, performance application drawing, and excellent residential application drawing of wall, roof and ground. We have mature streamline drawing methods and plentiful practices, which can help customers to make all kinds of architectural drawings.