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            Data entry


            Chinasoft International has nearly 30 years of practical experience in data entry service, which mainly comes from the experience with high-end customers in Japan. After years of communication and cooperation with Japanese customers, Chinasoft International has accumulated rich experience and can accurately understand the needs of customers and continuously provide customers with sophisticated solutions.

            At present, Chinasoft International has established a professional service team and an efficient centralized business processing platform to provide customers with diversified, standardized, high-quality and efficient services. Chinasoft International aims to continuously enhance customer satisfaction, improve our comprehensive service ability, and expand the business service field to help customers improve their competitiveness so as to become the most trusted centralized data processing center.


            Service scope

            Industries covered

            Insurance, finance, education, medical treatment, post, logistics, printing and publishing, telecommunication, manufacturing, more than 100 types of data entry businesses.

            Mainly including

            Sales data, financial data, business data, administrative data, HR salary data, form processing, medical reimbursement bill business, tax statistics data processing, special documents electronization, HTML, XML / SGML text processing, etc.

            Service advantages

            Highly efficient

            Responding quickly to customers' needs, provide effective solutions to save customers time. Delivering customer's business requirements on time or in advance.


            We focus on continuously introducing automated processes, reducing human intervention to improving accuracy.

            Rich experience

            With the experience of dealing with various businesses, we can meet the diversified needs of customers.