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      1. Discipline inspection and supervision


        To build a public service platform for discipline inspection and supervision is the new measure to follow the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to meet the needs of the situation and tasks of the construction of the honest government and the fight against corruption, and to actively respond to the central authorities to carry out their work through the Internet.

        As the main channel and place of information disclosure, news release, policy interpretation, public opinion listening and online complaint reporting of discipline inspection and supervision office, the public service platform of discipline inspection and supervision established by Chinasoft International, takes the construction of honest government and anti-corruption work as the center of its endeavour, connects with the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, listens to the voice of the crowd, and strives to establish an authoritative release platform, publicity and education platform, work display platform, interaction and communication platform, network supervision platform and discipline inspection and supervision business database. Make use of the Internet, the new media, to spread the voice of anti-corruption of the Party and government, demonstrate the firm determination and confidence of the Party and government in anti-corruption, improve the staff’ efficiency of discipline inspection and supervision business, and provide convenience for the crowd to report.

        Solution features

        · Paperless office, quick feedback on the letters of accusations submitted by the whistleblower, showing the good image of the government to the public.

        · Releasing important news in a timely manner. Issueing authoritatively the major deployments, important meetings, important notifications and cases investigated and handled by discipline inspection and supervision office in no time.

        · Collecting and displaying the innovative practices, achievements and experiences of the construction of honest government and anti-corruption work in all regions and departments for learning and promoting the work.

        · Accepting online petition letters and accusation of Party conduct and government conduct, so as to facilitate the smooth and safe accusation and supervision of the crowd.

        · Supporting a variety of combined decisions, which is beneficial to the discipline inspection and supervision business of the staff to query related businesses through various forms of statistics.


        Solution advantages

        · Chinasoft International has formed a professional industry team familiar with the discipline inspection and supervision business with 10 years of serving in this field.

        · According to the standard of the public service platform for discipline inspection and supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the promotion and deployment have been carried out rapidly in the whole country. At present, the promotion and deployment of all provinces, cities and counties have been basically completed.

        · The deployment methods of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection + the provinces, cities and counties have broadened the reporting channels for Internet users, strengthened the supervision measures for the handling of letters around the country, and timely released important notification information across the country.