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      1. Enterprise internal audit


        Based on the concept of risk-oriented audit, the enterprise audit information platform provides standardized management of the whole process of risk assessment, audit plan formulation, audit project implementation and audit rectification tracking. By fixing audit work standards and specifications such as audit work guidelines and templates, it makes use of audit data analysis to expand the scope and depth of audit, improve audit efficiency and quality, and master the relevant risks in time, promote effective rectification of problems, help enterprises prevent risks and improve management.

        Service scope

        The enterprise audit information platform takes audit process as the main line, realizes the full coverage of audit process, and forms the closed-loop system of audit business. With data analysis as the core, data center technology is used to analyze and process based on financial and business models. Under the guidance of audit methods, audit methods are used to standardize audit work, improve audit efficiency, and fully improve the professional level of staff. Based on the above content, establish audit results of diversity. On the basis of meeting the audit management requirements and leaders' decision-making reference, gradually accumulate and improve audit results of diversity to meet the management requirements of audit supervision.

        · Audit management: taking plans and projects as the main lines, comprehensively managing the plans, projects, statistics and archives during  the whole audit process, and meeting the needs of audit operation mode of single project, compound project and joint project.

        · Audit operation: meeting the onsite audit process requirements of taking project operation process and audit procedure as guidance, analyzing financial and business data through audit model, as well as managing the off-site supervision and requirements of continuous audit, meeting the unified management of audit results based on audit documents, audit drafts and audit reports.

        · Audit interaction: the information interaction channel with the audited, and meeting the needs of the audited to upload data and online signature.

        Audit resource: meeting the unified management requirement of audit resources, audit objects and audit data resources.

        Service advantages

        · Professional audit information consulting team: it is composed of system designer, business consultant and external-hired experts.

        · Independent audit information system development team: the team grows and expands with the “golden auditing project”.

        · Implementation team of rich experience: a trained implementation team of rich technology and business experience through audit industry informationization construction.

        · The service system covering the whole country: based on the informationization development.