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      1. Government Audit


        As the general consultant, general integrator, core application developer and general service provider of the first phase and second phase of the golden auditing project, Chinasoft International has accumulated rich experience in the construction of audit information system and formed the theoretical system of audit system construction. We are able to meet the business and technical requirements of our customers no matter in business consulting, system design, platform building, project implementation, quality management, risk control, daily maintenance, etc. The core national audit products of Chinasoft International include audit management system, audit analysis system and big data analysis platform. The service scope covers the National Audit Office, 26 provincial and municipal audit institutions.

        Service scope

        Audit management system

        The audit management system is a collaborative work platform that provides five functions for audit institutions, including support for leadership decision, official document transfer management, audit business management, information resource sharing, and office affairs processing. Under the guidance of the audit office, according to the actual construction requirements of the audit office and local audit institutions, Chinasoft International has built a dynamic and reconfigurable audit management system platform with strong expansion capacity, which is used to strengthen the decision-making, organization, guidance and management of audit businesses, and to build the basic resource database to support audit businesses. It is an important achievement of the application system construction of the first phase of the golden auditing project that meets the construction and use requirements of the audit offices and institutions.

        The functions of audit management system mainly include document management, plan and project management, the audited management, online training management, audit method management, notice and announcement, audit item management, office document management, organization project management, implementation project management, leadership decision-making management, information resource management, etc.

        Audit analysis system

        The audit analysis system provides real-time and efficient audit operation environment for auditors through timely pre-warning, in-depth analysis and dynamic monitoring of audit data. System functions include data collection and conversion, real-time early pre-warning and early pre-warning data management, doubt management, special report management, authority management and other functions. On the basis of the audit analysis system, according to the industry audit method system of the golden auditing project, it establishes the industry audit analysis model, the government finance, social insurance, local tax, finance, investment, environmental resources and other audit subsystems and audit applications. The applications of method model creation, analysis, result presentation and system interaction required by various industries are realized through the combined platform functions. As of December 2015, 199 sets of Online Audit System and Data Center have been deployed in government finance, social insurance, local tax, finance, investment, environmental resources and other industries of 26 provinces and municipalities and 80 local audit institutions; the accumulated audit data plan covers 16 industries, including budget implementation audit of central departments, local tax audit, social insurance audit in total 2475 audit data plan tables: the accumulated audit method system covers 13 industries, including budget implementation audit of central departments, local tax audit and social insurance audit, with a total of 897 audit methods.

        Big data analysis platform

        The big data audit platform relies on Chinasoft International big data analysis platform to analyze the products of the platform, establishing a big data analysis platform serving provincial regions

        The platform is designed according to infrastructure resources, platform supporting applications, data storage and processing, upper applications and platform self-service portals.

        Infrastructure resources: provide basic resources support for applications such as data comprehensive management, supporting platform, upper level decision-making, analysis, data exploration and platform self-service portal. The contents of the resources include server resources, system software resources, security management resources, network storage resources, etc.

        · Container service: relying on the application container engine Docker of the current process to complete the integration of AO, OA, online audit system, all kinds of data resources, audit application method set, case set, and all kinds of audit project resources. Ordinary users or professionals can freely assemble the operation environment through standardized method. It can provide flexible, controllable, manageable and configurable application integration services for different auditors at the upper level, such as general service staff, audit experts, audit project team members and relevant leaders.

        · Comprehensive data management (storage, collection and scheduling): relying on the data storage management system of big data audit platform, it completes the backup, restoration, cleaning, conversion and planning management of data sources of different types and channels, and forms the information resource directory of big data resource center for internal service staff, system management staff and external government departments of audit institutions to look up, apply and transfer. The main functions include data storage management, data segmentation collection scheduling management, information resource directory management and other functions.

        · Audit analysis applications: providing data analysis services for different business types and different service staff, including data comprehensive analysis, online audit system analysis and cloud AO. They mainly include real-time decision-making, self service analysis, data exploration (prediction) and corresponding mobile business analysis applications), etc. the main technologies applied include SQL on Hadoop, R language, etc.

        · Self service portals: they are used by audit service staff and system configuration management staff. The self service portals integrate Docker hosts and their containers running in various infrastructures to the central console, provide overall WEB interface, chart and API and automatic monitoring alarm, and users with portal resource application, resource configuration management, container service and resource using status monitoring, resource recovery and other management functions.


        Service advantages

        · General consultants, integrators, core application developers and general service providers of first phase and second phase of the golden auditing project 

        · Audit system service provider of multiple provinces and municipalities