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            Airport operation solutions


            Over years of experience accumulation in this industry, working intensively with China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and other airlines,  Chinasoft International has been participated in a number of projects related to e-commerce, customer and operation control, deeply understood the development trend of airlines, assisted airlines to build a new information system, and integrated existing e-commerce technologies through advanced IT technologies such as big data and cloud technology for airlines to quickly build information systems, boost business development, keep up with the pace of the times. At present, the number of project personnel in the airline has exceeded 300 including excellent development team and business experts to provide high-quality services for domestic airlines.


            Service scope

            New generation of passenger service system (PSS)

            With the development of the times, the traditional membership model of airlines has turned to be unable to fully develop customer resources and improve the marketing and promotion of airlines. With the launch of the new generation passenger service system of overseas airlines, domestic airlines have gradually recognized the importance of the new generation of passenger service system. It can effectively classify and analyze the collected customer information and label the important passengers. Through the service management, marketing and other aspects, it improves  not only the popularity of the airlines, but also the sales situation and service quality.

            PSS system calculates the static value and dynamic value of customers by connecting to membership system, marketing system, complaint system and passenger trip data, and applies it to active marketing system and abnormal flight system, so as to provide effective customer analysis results for the downstream system. It helps airlines to accurately position customers while making sales and service in various ways.

            Abnormal flight system

            Route flow control, bad weather, aircraft failure and other reasons not only affect the punctuality rate and utilization ratio of the flight, but also affect the travel plan of the passengers. Although the abnormal flight system cannot solve the problem of flight delay or cancellation, it can effectively avoid passengers staying in the airport and other adverse effects through modules such as passenger notification, passenger protection, ticket cancellation and change.

            Airline network system

            In the next 20 years, the scale of domestic civil airlines will surpass that of the United States to become the world's biggest airport operation market. With the growth of large and medium-sized airlines' fleet and routes, the complexity of overall deployment, application and management has been continuously increased. Although the flights in each season have been released before the season, there would be change every day. A large number of data exchanges make the system unbearable to operate, which makes the airline network system play an important role here.

            The function modules of airline network system include: long-term plan management, short-term plan management, flight plan application and release, plan change notice, various resource management, abnormal flight interface, T-card interface, etc.

            Service advantages

            Sophisticated consulting and implementation team

            At present, we have established a team of more than 300 members, mainly focusing on areas of airport e-commerce, customer analysis, overall marketing design, and process management design.

            Rich experience in airline industry service

            We have cooperated with China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and General Administration of Civil Aviation to design and implement e-commerce platform, freight management, customer analysis, payment platform, aircraft safety analysis, process management and other projects. We have trained a group of excellent airline experts.

            Digital transition

            With the change of airline business philosophy, the rich implementation experience of Chinasoft International in e-commerce, cloud computing, big data and other fields, we can guide airlines to break through the tradition and realize rapid transition in the future airport development process.