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            Airport charging


            In the daily operation of airports, as the provider of site, equipment and support services, airports provide various services such as take-off and landing, ground service, maintenance, business and passenger service for the airline's flights, passengers and related enterprises and charge fees accordingly. These fees constitute the majority of the airports’ revenue. As many enterprises are involved in the charge, allocation and audit of various service fees, an efficient and stable charge settlement statistical system is needed as a strong guarantee for the civil aviation airports to improve service quality, which is also the basis for achieving precise cost accounting and revenue analysis.

            The general airport charging system developed by Chinasoft International is an efficient solution to the massive and complex charging demand of the airport.

            Functions of the system

            In order to better expand and customize, as well as facilitate better management and user experience, the system integrates aviation business and non-aviation business respectively, which makes it can be divided into two independent systems to run separately.

            Aviation business: data collection, data processing, revenue settlement, connecting with other systems, accounts receivable, statistical analysis, budget management.

            Non-aviation business: contract management, resource management, advance collection management, settlement management, bill management.